Frenchys Summer Road Trip 2014 – La Grande Vadrouille

Our rider Florian Montanari just entered few weeks ago on Fit Bikes co and Animal Bikes via Frenchys Distro. He was at the Frenchys summer trip in Switzerland and at its border, unfortunately, they were unlucky with the weather (4 rainy days on 4..) and also, Flo hurts himself the second day trying a huge oppo tooth on a double rail … (what a banger). Despite that, they could film some clips riding between and under droplets and the job is finally done, the video is good to watch!

The other riders are Luc Legrand (ANIMAL), Mathieu Peladan (ODYSSEY), Theo Zannettacci (WETHEPEOPLE). Filmed by the riders and Guillaume Kolly, who also edited and organised this trip.

You can follow them on @frenchysdistribution, some good lines / photos are there. The report is on SoulBmxMag.

Thomas Benedetti and his brothers for Nokia

Nokia deliver us a good black and white video shot by Adrien Picard. It presents the evolution of the three brothers: Thomas and Enzo Benedetti and their half brother Kevin Kalkoff.

Park video CSB with the DJN Crew

The ‘Dijonais’ Maxime Narmantowicz, Florian Montanari and Geoffrey Morizot shred the indoor park in their city. With the druid Sully for a guest clip! Street cred

A thinking of the Dijon people (France), the municipality destroyed the spot where they passed too many work hours, and spent a lot of money and energy, this, just 2 weeks before the MustHard Jam …. Be brave guys, we are with you!

Here is Florian Montanari comments from yesterday night, he just announced this news to Soul Bmx Magazine (In French):

C’est encore abasourdi par le choc que j’écris ces quelques lignes. Ce lundi 26 mai restera longtemps dans les mémoires des nombreux riders dijonnais ayant pris part à notre projet «musthard jam »…qui ne verra donc pas le jour ce 7 juin, à cause de la destruction pure et simple du spot par les engins de la mairie. Des centaines d’heures de travail, des kg de ciments, des milliers de vis, des litres de sueur sont aujourd’hui parti sans crier gare. Une partie de l’âme des bmx riders dijonnais s’en est allée sous le vacarme assourdissant des pelleteuses. Je m’excuse auprès de tous les partenaires qui nous ont fait confiance pour cet évènement, et notamment Soul qui était présent depuis le début de l’aventure. Je m’excuse aussi auprès de tous les potes qui ont consacré du temps et mis de l’argent dans le projet. Nous connaissions les risques du « spot sauvage » depuis le début, mais c’est seulement aujourd’hui que nous en connaissons l’amertume. J’aurais aimé en écrire plus sur tous les courageux qui ont participé à ce projet fou,  mais je n’en ai franchement pas le courage ce soir.

Flo Montanari

_DSC0922 copy copie

New Universal Hubguards & Driverguard

Delivery today of the new CoolStoryBro Bmx universal Hubguards and Driverguards. Thoses steel guards are so strong and pretty light for a huge durability! Fully designed and manufactured in France. They fit almost all hubs!!


The MustHard Jam of Dijon

Then we got The big Jam! Saturday June 7 and Sunday June 8 shall stand in Dijon (France) one of the biggest Jam expected this year in France. DJN crew with the CoolStoryBro riders Florian Montanari, Geoffrey Morizot and Maxime Narmantowicz built an indoor ghetto spot that could remind us The Bakery. Saturday will take place a Jam in this well ghetto street spot, and Sunday, they will take us into the city of Dijon, the best street spots for a jam which will take place during the journey with prizes for the two days. A lot of prizes will be provided for this event as there will be many partners and CoolStoryBro actually will be partner!

So if you go through Dijon this weekend, come to see probably “The” street Jam of the year in France.

Here is the trailer video of the Jam in the article


Here is Mr Barral part, from Soul Bmx DVD number 81. (December 2013 – January 2014), this DVD is really awesome, you should watch it. The video banger is crazy, not a lot of people are able to land it in street, you should watch until the end of the video, it’s after the credits part ;)


Huge Edit here with FLORIAN MONTANARI et MAXIME NARMANTOWICZ for CoolStoryBro Bmx. They destroy the streets of Dijon, Lyon, Barcelone etc …

Here is the CoolStoryBro interview for Rouelle Mag (In French). If you want to know more about CSB, the creation, ambitions, you can read this.

Florian Montanari for Primo

Here is the new Florian Montanari’s part for Primo. Like always it’s destruction…

Filmed and Edited by Geoffrey Morizot, Guillaume Kolly for the additional filming.